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Hearthstone fun

This weeks tavern brawl had you build a deck using only spells and 7+ drop minions.

After playing around with a pally deck for a bit, I followed a tiny advice from Kripparian (a youtuber that does HS stuff) to build a hunter deck with traps, spells and only one minion: Majordomo Executus. This deck was aimed at priests in perticular.

And the magical thing happened when I just played against a priest. After playing a couple of traps on turn two and three (one being a dart trap), he coined into Mindgames.

Majordomo Executus was on the board. On his side. He ended his turn (I can only imagine his face)

I played Deadly Shot, killing the Majordomo and summoning Ragnaros. Lobbed an Arcane Shot in his face for 2 damage and ended my 4th turn.

Possbly somewhat flummoxed, he played a resurrect (resummoning Executus), and activated his hero power - hitting me in the face for 8, and himself for 5 as this triggered my Dart Trap.

The game ended swiftly on turn five with a click on my hero power.


Even though I said I wouldn't, I still did. smiley5

I updated the website software from 2.2.9 to 2.3.0.

Added better timezone support, SSL support (this site doesn't have any), and updated reCaptcha to v2.



4 years later...


Yep. Went past the 1000 hour mark


ROADS!? Where we're going we....

..might actually need roads.


Descent 2, level 1

I might actually do the whole thing.

editnow playing the playlist rather than just first vid

I like this screenshot

(Built without any mods)

DX12 tech demo


Playing the Blackrock Mountain Mage challange in Hearthstone

Turn 4
Grimstone throws down a Millhouse and a Lorewalker Cho. Not an uncommon for him to do.

Turn 5
I have 6 (now free) portals in my hand and one free minion (I was saving for later). I ignore Cho and play the first portal, which gives me a Druid of the claw.
I play the druid, choosing charge and kill Cho.

I play my next portal and the most awesome thing happens:

Edwin Van Cleef

I play the rest of my portals and all my other minions before tossing down Edwin.



Got a new GPU today (GTX 760). After some mucking about this afternoon, I tried Skyrim just now.

It suggested I set my settings to 'Ultra High'. smiley8

Steading by Tom Boshuis